Stoptober is the perfect time to Give Up Smoking


There is nothing wrong to state that smoking is the one of the dangerous wrongdoing to one selves and the community. Whether you know or not, smoking exposes your body to hundreds of different harmful substances. Your body is not protected to that, and thus it has wrong effects on your body. When you breathe the wrong air in, the chemicals contained in the cigarette get into your bloodstream, and from there, it travel in your whole body, thus making you more and more addicted and attracted to health problems.
What’s Stoptober? 
Basically, Stoptober is an annual campaign established and executed by Public Health England, aims to help and encourage people worldwide to renounce smoking only for the month of October.
Stoptober notion draw its roots from the theory that if are able to give up smoking for more than 28 days, you can easily quit it without any problem. The positive notion is that you must stop smoking at the end of September and go on through October and hopefully beyond. This campaign runs across whole England and several health centers and dental practices support this positive cause.
Why Stoptober is the Perfect time to give up smoking? 
Thousands of people enrolled in the Stoptober Give up Smoking campaign, which also means that it’s the biggest event where largest number of people decide something together and help each other during the process. So if you sign up to give up smoking under this regime, there are thousands and thousands of people of give it up together with you, and also help you with important information and advice to quit smoking. Even research suggests that you are more likely to give up smoking alongside other people than you are if you try to give up smoking on your own.